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Dil Say Pakistan - Haroon, Muniba Mazari, Javed Bashir, Farhan Bogra

2017-08-09 11,725 241 708,541 YouTube

Dil Say Pakistan by Haroon with Muniba Mazari, Javed Bashir, Farhan Bogra Lyrics by Sabir Zafar Composed by Haroon and Shuja Haider Produced and mixed by Haroon and Jonathan Jones Recorded by Jonathan Jones Video Directed by: Shariq M Khan Production & Post-Production by Incision Films Produced by Unicorn Black Song available at Celebrating 70 years of independence, the music video highlights Pakistani role models and heroes and sends an inspirational message to the youth. Download the song free at PRESS RELEASE: Celebrating 70 years of independence, Pakistani artists have released the music video for the song Dil Say Pakistan. This one of a kind music video features multiple celebrities as never before in a Pakistani national song. The music video seeks to inspire the youth by highlighting and paying tribute to Pakistani heroes and role models as well as stunning vistas of Pakistan. The video features Aakif Azeem who is a survivor of the Army Public School Peshawar in a lead role. The music video takes place at a festival where the artists are performing. Aakif brings along a hero box with a view finder and encourages the youth to look into the hero box and find inspiration by viewing various Pakistani role models, heroes and beautiful landscapes and monuments of Pakistan. The video also celebrates the diversity of the many faces of the people of Pakistan from various backgrounds. The song is available for download free at, Pakistan’s number one legal music app.